When Should I Try Civil Mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas?

Civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is an alternative to resolving an issue through litigation.  It offers many advantages over the contentious process of litigation.  Most notably, it saves time and money.  Joseph Self understands how Civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas can come in handy in a number of situations, including the following:

You Want a Firm Agreement
Sometimes parties are not yet in any type of conflict when they consider mediation.  They may have initially agreed to a commercial contract and now want to modify it.  They have worked out an agreement on visitation after a separation.  However, parties may want a formal agreement that clearly spells out their wishes.

You Want a Quick Resolution
If you file a complaint in your civil case, it can be well over a year before it goes to trial.  However, many situations do not allow you to be put on hold for this long as the conflict get worse and time and money is lost.  Civil mediation can help you come up with a workable agreement early in the process.

You Want to Preserve Relationships
Due to the adversarial process of litigation, going to court usually makes people be further apart.  Mediation attempts to bring them closer together.  A successful mediation often preserves the relationship between the parties so that they can continue a business, personal or family relationship well after resolving the dispute.

You Don’t Want to Go to Court
Let’s face it – most people do NOT want to go to court.  The experience can be very uncomfortable.  Court is also a public proceeding in most cases.  Additionally, courts are often flooded with cases and may not treat yours like it is of any particular significance.   Civil mediation provides you with a valid alternative to these negative aspects of litigation.