What to Expect from a Civil Mediator in Fort Smith Arkansas

Civil mediation is a voluntary, informal process where an impartial medi­ator helps the parties involved in a dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  If you and another party have been unable to resolve a civil dispute and are seeking a less costly and time consuming alternative to litigation, you may wish to consult with a civil mediator in Fort Smith Arkansas.

For those unfamiliar with the civil mediation process, the ultimate role of a civil mediator is to do whatever necessary to assist the disputing parties in reaching an out of court agreement.  In serving this ultimate goal, the mediator may take on a variety of responsibilities.

The focus of the mediation is to reach a settlement agreement acceptable to both parties in a case.  The civil mediator may educate the parties about the mediation process, offer new perspectives for consideration, probe issues and seek confirmation of the parties’ understandings.  The mediator also records and manages all pertinent information, drafts the parties’ agreement, and may also assist the parties in the implementation their agreement.

Unlike an attorney who represents the interests of one party in a legal dispute, the role of a civil mediator is to function as an impartial third-party to assist and guide the disputing parties toward reaching their own resolution. The mediator does not act as a judge who decides the outcome of a dispute, but rather facilitates the communication required for the parties to reach a mutually agreeable solution themselves.

A civil mediator’s role is not to take sides, make judgments or give advice to the disputing parties, but simply to assist the parties in effectively communicating with the aim of finding a common ground from which a settlement may be reached.  You may wish to contact a Fort Smith civil mediator for more information regarding civil mediation.