What Kinds of Issues Can Be Resolved in Family Mediation?

When you are a party to a Fort Smith family dispute, you may be unaware that taking the dispute to litigation can actually make the situation worse. Mediation is a neutral forum where both parties can work together to generate a more flexible and agreeable solution, and many civil disputes can be mediated. Some of the most common disputes that are mediated in Fort Smith have to do with family matters, such as divorce, child custody, or even adult guardianship.

One of the reasons that mediation work so well for family disputes is that the process is designed to identify and manage interpersonal issues that might not be directly related to the dispute. Working on communication skills and cooperation, parties can work through the initial cause of the conflict while setting the tone for a relationship after the dispute has been resolved. In litigation, however, a court is only likely to deal with the legal issue at hand, not communication problems or other issues that are frequently present in family law disputes.

As a result, more families are turning to Fort Smith mediation to work through their issues. While litigation tends to inflame conflicts and encourage parties to argue with one another, mediation is focused on finding a mutually agreeable solution and paving the path for better communication in the future. Although there are some cases where family members wish to discontinue a relationship with the other parties to the dispute, this is less common than the kinds of disputes that do go to litigation. For example, family members likely want to repair the relationship and move forward into the future without holding grudges about litigation. For any family law dispute, choosing mediation and the right mediator can help resolve your conflict in such a way that not only minimizes emotional stress and financial strain but also restores the amicable relationship between family members.