What Can a Family Law Attorney in Fort Smith AR Do for You?

Family law is a complex area of the law that carries with it tremendous consequences. A family law attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas is trained to work on a variety of cases. Some of the common situations that a family law attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas handles include:


In addition to having to prove grounds for a divorce (which can be easy to do in an uncontested divorce), there are certain procedural rules that must be followed in Arkansas to obtain a legal divorce. For example, there are residency requirements and durational requirements that need to be met. A divorce petition must also be properly drafted. A divorce petition may include important information about other aspects of family law, including child custody, child support and spousal support. Failing to provide an answer in a timely manner can have lasting effects on a person’s life. Joseph Self can help you through this difficult time, and offers a free telephone consultation for prospective divorce clients.

Child Custody

Whether parents are divorcing or they need to secure a formal court order regarding child custody or visitation, an Arkansas family law attorney can help. He or she can gather information about the case in order to develop a solid legal strategy. Arkansas courts use a “best interest of the child” approach in determining which parent to award custody, regardless of the parent’s gender. If a case appears to be suitable for it, a family law attorney may recommend that parents try to work out a solution in mediation. Mediation is an alternative to pursuing a case in court and allows the parties to come up with their own agreement rather than have a judge impose a standard order that is not based on the particulars of their case.

Child Support

Arkansas uses child support guidelines in order to determine the appropriate amount of child support that the child should receive from the non-custodial parent. However, there are times when upward or downward deviations can be made.