Three Key Differences between Civil Mediation in Fort Smith AR and Litigation

Individuals who are embroiled in litigation can explain the frustrating and often stressful state that this process entails. However, there is another option: civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas. Civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas with Joseph Self as the mediator is much different than litigation in three important ways.


In large part, attorneys help steer the case in a certain direction in litigation. Your attorney may explain the legal rules and how a judge or jury makes a decision. You may have some options, but pursuing litigation often involves the same formula and procedures. In mediation, the mediator helps guide parties toward an agreement. However, the parties get to decide whether they want to participate in mediation at all since it is a completely voluntary process. Also, the parties can make suggestions and revisions as they discuss a possible agreement. This allows the parties to have a greater say in the direction that the case will take than litigation affords them.


In litigation, parties to a lawsuit usually only have a limited number of ways to have the case ultimately resolved. A judge or jury may decide to award monetary damages. In rare instances, a judge may order a party to do or not to do something. However, mediation provides greater flexibility in terms of how a case can ultimately be resolved. The parties can reach a resolution with which they are both ultimately satisfied with.


One of the most significant benefits of mediation is that it tends to take much less time than typical litigation in Fort Smith. This often helps the parties quickly put the dispute behind them. A resolution in an automobile accident can give peace of mind as well as financial resources. In divorce or post-divorce matters, this benefits families so that they can focus on co-parenting. It also helps commercial parties keep a deal moving forward.