The Civil Mediator’s Style

In the process of trying to resolve a dispute outside of court, the selection of the mediator is one of the most crucial steps.  Joseph Self is aware of the different styles that can be used in helping the parties bring the dispute to a much faster resolution.

In most cases, the Fort Smith civil mediator can play a big role in whether the mediation succeeds or fails.  Mediators can be viewed as either an evaluator or a facilitator, depending on what is needed.

The evaluation style involves presenting an opinion on the merits of the case or the merits of each position.  Joseph Self is careful not to talk down your case when meeting with the other party, but will, if appropriate, give his opinion on some of the issues that arise in a case.   When using the facilitative style, Joseph takes the role of framing the conversation for maximum effectiveness.  He will usually avoid making any statements about the merits of the case and instead focus on keeping the lines of communication open between both parties.

In some mediations, Joseph Self will rotate back and forth between these various styles.  What you need really depends on the stage your dispute is at and how you’d like to resolve it.   Joseph Self has the experience to see how a session is developing and adapt to what is unfolding before him.  A mediator that uses only one style is probably missing the opportunity to help parties reach an agreement.