Should I Hire a Mediator As Soon As I Have a Dispute?

If you have made every effort to resolve your legal dispute with another party on your own, you might be considering your next steps.  Unfortunately, many disputes cannot be resolved successfully on your own, and that is why so many are elevated to the status of litigation or mediation.

If you and the other party are not able to work things out without a third person present, you may wish to try mediation instead.  When you decide it’s the right time to mediate, you need to ensure that the other party is open to working together.  If the other party is entrenched in his or her beliefs, mediation may not be as effective.

That being said, you may wish to consult with a Fort Smith mediator as soon as you believe that you have a legal dispute requiring assistance.  Scheduling a consultation with the mediator can inform you about your options and give you some ideas about potential next steps to resolve the dispute.  If the other party is open to the possibility of working together through mediation, you can discuss bringing the Fort Smith mediator on board to serve as a neutral third-party in your dispute resolution.

There is no harm that can be done by contacting a mediator sooner rather than later.  Instead, it empowers you with your options and allows you and the other party to determine the most effective route for resolving the conflict.  If you have questions about how mediation works or whether it could be beneficial in your case, you can reach out as soon as you believe you have a conflict cannot result on your own.