Learn What a Divorce Attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas Can do For You

The value of having a divorce attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas cannot be overemphasized.  Arkansas law regarding divorce issues like spousal support, child support, property division and child custody can be complex.  If a filing deadline is passed, you can be waiving certain rights.  Moving through a divorce can be complicated especially when there are issues that you and your spouse do not agree on.  Having a divorce attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas who has the right legal knowledge and experience can be invaluable during this important time when so many legal rights are at issue.  Joseph Self has been representing those going through divorce in the Fort Smith area since 1987.

Explain Property Distribution Rules

Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the family law court makes decisions regarding property division based on the concept of what is fair and equitable.  However, the court does not necessarily have to make a 50/50 split between the parties.  This standard provides wide discretion to the judge hearing the case, upping the possible ramifications of a divorce decision that does not work in your favor.  This is one reason why it is critical to have proper legal representation in place when dealing with divorce.   Knowing what law applies to a given situation is important, but also knowing what a judge is looking for is also crucial.  Joseph Self has the experience in Fort Smith, Arkansas and surrounding areas to know how to present your case in the most effective manner.

Answering a Divorce Complaint

If you receive a complaint regarding divorce from your spouse, it is critical that you do not simply ignore it.  Instead, you must file an answer to the complaint within a limited period of time.  Your lawyer may also advise filing a cross complaint for divorce if you disagree with things that your spouse alleged in his or her complaint or if you are seeking different remedies in court, such as asking for joint custody instead of your spouse requesting sole custody.

Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can have a significant impact on your divorce.