I Don’t Get Along With My Spouse – Will Mediation Work?

Not every couple who comes to family mediation in Fort Smith is expected to get along well outside of court. Some people use mediation to resolve their divorce issues when they are relatively on the same page, but others who find communicating in everyday life a challenge can still benefit from mediation. The reason for this is that the primary key for success in family mediation is the desire to resolve the conflict.

Even if you and your spouse have difficulty communicating outside of mediation, you may still be able to walk through critical issues under the guidance of a neutral mediator. Willingness to try things outside of court is critical, and the mediator can help you determine what other procedures and rules should be put in place in order to maximize the chances that you’ll be successful in mediation.

Even couples who got along reasonably well up to the point of divorce might find that their emotions get the better of them. Part of this is because it can be hard to accept that the divorce is actually happening and that it’s a challenge to remain objective and open with something that can make a person feel so emotionally raw. This is where an experienced mediator comes in. Perhaps you and your spouse aren’t able to work things out face to face, but a mediator going back and forth between rooms could allow you to minimize conflict and address key divorce issues.

The forum of mediation gives far more flexibility and opportunity than litigation, even when you and your spouse are finding it difficult to communicate on your own. Setting up guidelines that promote resolution can ease the process. Select a talented mediator to guide your case to success.