FAQs about Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR

Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is an effective alternative to the often contentious process of seeking a resolution in court.  Many people who are considering family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas have many questions about this process including:

What Exactly Is Mediation?

Mediation is a type of cooperative law in which the parties work out their own solutions to a legal problem with the assistance of a third party neutral called a mediator.   The parties may meet in a group setting, or in a private setting in which they talk through the mediator who brings settlement offers back and forth between the parties.  A mediator can also provide objective information to the parties, including how local courts have ruled when confronted with similar issues and the alternative to reaching a settlement out of court.  Joseph C. Self has vast experience in family law matters as both an attorney and as a mediator.

What Are the Benefits to Mediation?

Because mediation does not depend on scheduling cases on a busy court docket, they can often be resolved faster than litigated cases.  By avoiding extensive trial preparation and the court process, mediation tends to be much more affordable even when the parties are represented by independent legal counsel.  Because mediation is based on cooperation, it helps the parties to maintain a civil relationship and avoid becoming enemies by the adversarial process involved in a court setting.  This is especially important when there are children involved.

What Types of Family Cases Can Be Successfully Mediated?

Joseph C. Self has mediated many types of cases that were successfully resolved through mediation.  Guardianships and child custody decisions can often be determined through mediation.  Divorce, child support and spousal support matters can also be determined through an effective use of mediation.  Modifications with existing court orders may also be successfully resolved through mediation.