My spouse and I are pursuing an alternative method of divorce. Do I need an attorney?

It depends. Assuming you have an experienced mediator, some couples forego individual legal representation during their divorce. However, if you believe you might need guidance during the process beyond what a mediator is legally able to provide, working with an attorney can be helpful.

Also keep in mind that some alternative methods of divorce resolution can still be a bit contentious, so legal representation can be advantageous. The need for an attorney varies from case to case, but if you are at all concerned about the well-being of your children or your own future, hiring an attorney is best. Typically, in collaborative divorce, both spouses have individual legal representation, in addition to the team of experts that helps with the divorce negotiations.

I am facing DUI charges. What should I look for in an attorney?

You need to work with someone who has extensive experience working with DUI cases. He or she should not be your “regular” attorney who is vaguely familiar with Arkansas DUI laws. There are a number of nuances to consider in a DUI case and having an attorney on your side ensures your rights are protected. Often, a DUI defense is about more than just whether or not you were driving after having a few drinks. An experienced DUI attorney like Joseph Self is able to examine the circumstances of your case and determine if a technicality could be used to get the charges reduced or eliminated completely.

I was injured in a car crash and the at-fault driver’s insurance company has offered me a fairly generous settlement. Should I take it?

That depends. Is the settlement really that generous or are you viewing the dollar amount through the eyes of someone in need of a little extra cash? Often, early accident settlements seem generous, but are actually much less than a victim deserves. You might be right in accepting the settlement offer, but it is essential you consult an attorney before accepting it. This enables an experienced professional familiar with personal injury cases in Arkansas to review our case and determine whether or not a settlement is fair. Should a settlement be less than you deserve, Joseph Self can negotiate a higher amount or advance your case to the next step.

Is there ever a time when mediation will not work?

Mediation is effective for settling a variety of legal matters, but there are situations in which it would be a waste of your time. In order for mediation to be successful, both sides of a dispute must want to reach a settlement. They might not agree on how to get there or what that settlement includes, but they want the matter to end. So, for instance, if a wife wants a divorce and her husband wants to remain married, chances are mediation would not work. The same is true in divorce cases that include domestic abuse issues or mental health issues.

My sibling and I are not seeing eye to eye on the care of our aging father and I’m not sure what to do next. Is there someone I can call for help?

Despite adult children wanting to do what is best for elderly parents, the situation often turns into a contentious legal battle. Everyone in the family assumes their solution is the right one and the best interest of the aging relative is overlooked. This is a situation in which family mediation can be very effective. It brings together everyone involved in the situation, often including the person around whom the dispute revolves, and allows them to discuss all sides of the issue. Joseph Self often works with families that want to do what is best, but just need a controlled environment in which to discuss their various options and explore which of those options is best.