Family Mediation

Family mediation is a valuable tool for settling a variety of family disputes, including issues related to:

  • Custody
  • Child or spousal support
  • Guardianship of elders or special needs family members

Mediation is especially effective in family disputes in Arkansas because so much is at stake regarding relationships. Finding a way to settle disputes without permanently damaging a relationship is important because in many cases, a continued relationship benefits other family members. Parents must find a way to work through problems, even if they are divorcing, for their children’s sake. Mediation makes this easier.

Working with an attorney that understands how complicated family disputes can be increases the chance the process will be successful. Joseph Self has worked with many Arkansas families to resolve disputes related to a variety of issues. His experience and ability to help families view an issue from all sides and reach not just a legal resolution, but the best resolution possible makes him the ideal mediator to assist with settling family disputes. You can contact him to schedule a consultation for family mediation at 479.785.5881.