Family Law

Nothing is more important than your family and when a divorce threatens the well-being of your children, you need to take action. Joseph Self is an experienced Arkansas family law attorney who is prepared to help you do whatever it takes to protect your family.

When you are in need of reliable divorce and family law services, turn to Joseph Self. He works with families throughout Arkansas to provide legal assistance for cases dealing with custody, spousal and child support, divorce settlements, and more. You need someone you can trust and someone who understands how important the decisions you make now are and how these decisions will affect your family in the years to come.

When you face legal issues related to your family, you need to work with an attorney who:

  • You trust
  • Is compassionate and understanding
  • Works with clients directly
  • Is familiar with Arkansas divorce and family laws
  • Provides ongoing support

Mr. Self is an attorney who takes you seriously and is willing to fight for the protection of your family, whether that means settling outside of court or going to trial.

If you would like to speak to someone about your Arkansas family law issues or you are ready to schedule a consultation, contact Joseph Self at 479.785.5881.