Criminal Defense

Building a strong criminal defense is essential for protecting your future when you are accused of committing a crime. Joseph Self, an experienced Arkansas criminal defense attorney can help. Mr. Self has many years of experience protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges. When your rights are threatened and your freedom is at risk, he can help you fight back and make the most of your situation.

There are many important factors that go into building a criminal defense. In addition to asserting your innocence, your attorney must also evaluate the actions that led to the charges. Did law enforcement act appropriately and were legal procedures followed before and after you were charged with a crime? Mr. Self is familiar with the Arkansas criminal justice process and he will help you determine if your arrest was handled properly.

Mr. Self’s experience means he has a network of experts on which he can call to help you build a strong defense. When your freedom is at stake, you want the most knowledgeable people on your side.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to act fast. Finding an experienced attorney quickly can mean the difference between freedom and facing years in jail as a result of your situation. Contact Joseph Self at 479.785.5881 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.