Civil Mediation

Civil mediation is an effective way to settle a variety of legal disputes, including:

  • Consumer disputes
  • Contract disputes and negotiations
  • Community disputes

Mediation saves time, money, and frustration, and makes it possible to resolve a legal dispute without a long trial in the Arkansas court system.

In order for mediation to be effective, the mediator must be skilled at facilitating communication between parties, even when those parties begin the process in complete disagreement. Joseph Self provides experienced mediation services that bring civil disputes of all kinds to an end. He encourages parties to view the issue at hand from all angles and consider resolutions that would otherwise be seen as unorthodox or impossible.

Arkansas civil mediators like Mr. Self are neutral third parties that listen to both sides of a dispute and encourage those involved to discuss not only the facts of the case, but also how they are feeling. Communication is respectful and professional, and allows everyone involved to express concerns and “speak his or her mind,” but also remain focused on settling the dispute. If you believe civil mediation could help you settle a dispute, contact Joseph Self at 479.785.5881.