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Why Does Contract Mediation Allow Me to Be More Informed?

While there are many benefits to contract mediation in Fort Smith, many individuals report feeling more informed about the process as well as playing a bigger role in the resolution. This increased information and comfort in the process often has to do with choosing a talented mediator to guide you through it. In your contract mediation case, you can select a mediator who is knowledgeable about common contract issues, and this can help to speed along your case significantly. As a party to the mediation, you have significant power over how the process involved in what your final agreement looks like. Since you can help to structure what the mediation process looks like during your sessions, individuals tend to feel... Read More

The Importance of the Mediation Opening Statement

Mediation allows for you to resolve your case outside of court and has been used to help numerous parties to contract disputes in Fort Smith reach agreement without frustration or added expenses. Knowing how to approach the process with an open mind, however, can help set you up for success and increase the chances that you will resolve your conflict effectively. In mediation, you and the other party will make an opening statement that outlines the basics of your side of the case. It’s important to draft this out in advance and even practice speaking it so that you are confident of the day of the first meeting. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in contract mediation is... Read More

What Are the Stages of Contract Mediation?

Opting to resolve your Fort Smith contract dispute through mediation may be a more effective means of finding a solution. Although mediation is not as formal as the court process, it can be relatively structured based on the needs and desires of the participants to the dispute. There are typically six separate stages in the mediation process, although specifics will depend on what you outline to your Fort Smith mediator that you will have to choose at the outset. Usually, contract mediation will kick off with an opening statement from the mediator. This will involve introductions, explanations of rules, and an overview about the importance of cooperation in the mediation process. Each party will then be given the opportunity to... Read More