Can Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR Help Me Resolve My Legal Issue?

Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas helps resolve a variety of family problems.  People use this process to help with deciding property distribution issues in a divorce, child custody determinations, visitation matters, estate planning disputes and inheritance issues.  The success of family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is usually more dependent on the parties and their commitment to the process than to the actual legal issue involved in the case.

During the early stages of mediation, a neutral mediator such as Joseph Self attempts to identify the interpersonal issues that have led to or are contributing to the dispute.  This is particularly helpful in the case of family conflict because complicated family dynamics and past feelings of hurt or disappointment may be affecting the legal issue.  Once the parties identify these issues, the mediator can help the parties acknowledge and talk through these issues so that they can then focus on generating ideas on how to resolve the conflict.

Mediation seeks to get the parties talking and communicating better with the help of the mediator who is specially trained in this arena.  Quite simply, courts focus on resolving the legal issues, but are largely unable to address the interpersonal conflicts of family members which may have caused the legal issues to arise in the first place.  By tending to these underlining issues, a mediator can help pave the way for the parties to have a better relationship going forward.

Once the parties realize that they can communicate, they can start suggesting ideas about how the legal issue can be resolved.  The parties brainstorm ideas with the help of a mediator, patiently throwing out ideas while not officially rejecting any of them.  Once an idea or set of ideas is determined to be mutually beneficial and agreeable, the parties work to generate an official agreement.  A trained mediator such as Joseph Self will reduce the agreement to writing for the parties to sign at the close of the session.