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Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas on the Fifth Amendment

We have all heard it.  Just watching a crime drama show, you hear the cop tell the suspect that he has the right to remain silent and that anything he says or does can be used against him in a court of law.  This brief statement advises an individual of his or her Miranda rights.  A criminal defense attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas can discuss how this right comes into play.  Additionally, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas can explain how this right may affect your case.  Joseph Self has been handling criminal matters since 1982, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, and knows this area of the law well. One of the most common pieces of advice... Read More

Learn What a Divorce Attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas Can do For You

The value of having a divorce attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas cannot be overemphasized.  Arkansas law regarding divorce issues like spousal support, child support, property division and child custody can be complex.  If a filing deadline is passed, you can be waiving certain rights.  Moving through a divorce can be complicated especially when there are issues that you and your spouse do not agree on.  Having a divorce attorney in Fort Smith Arkansas who has the right legal knowledge and experience can be invaluable during this important time when so many legal rights are at issue.  Joseph Self has been representing those going through divorce in the Fort Smith area since 1987. Explain Property Distribution Rules Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, meaning... Read More

FAQs about Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR

Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is an effective alternative to the often contentious process of seeking a resolution in court.  Many people who are considering family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas have many questions about this process including: What Exactly Is Mediation? Mediation is a type of cooperative law in which the parties work out their own solutions to a legal problem with the assistance of a third party neutral called a mediator.   The parties may meet in a group setting, or in a private setting in which they talk through the mediator who brings settlement offers back and forth between the parties.  A mediator can also provide objective information to the parties, including how local courts have ruled... Read More

How to Get Ahead with Civil Mediation in Fort Smith AR

Parties are increasingly turning away from the expensive, lengthy and contentious nature of litigation and turning to civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas.  Joseph C. Self in Fort Smith Arkansas has helped parties involved in a variety of disputes work out their differences without the intervention of the court.  Some strategies that can help the parties make the most of their mediation experience include: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare Although parties involved in civil mediation may not ever have to go to court, they must be prepared as if they will.  It is important that before mediation the parties take the necessary time to gather documents, contracts and other evidence that support their version of events.  Having this information available during mediation... Read More

Can Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR Help Me Resolve My Legal Issue?

Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas helps resolve a variety of family problems.  People use this process to help with deciding property distribution issues in a divorce, child custody determinations, visitation matters, estate planning disputes and inheritance issues.  The success of family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is usually more dependent on the parties and their commitment to the process than to the actual legal issue involved in the case. During the early stages of mediation, a neutral mediator such as Joseph Self attempts to identify the interpersonal issues that have led to or are contributing to the dispute.  This is particularly helpful in the case of family conflict because complicated family dynamics and past feelings of hurt or disappointment... Read More