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Can Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR Help Me Resolve My Legal Issue?

Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas helps resolve a variety of family problems.  People use this process to help with deciding property distribution issues in a divorce, child custody determinations, visitation matters, estate planning disputes and inheritance issues.  The success of family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas is usually more dependent on the parties and their commitment to the process than to the actual legal issue involved in the case. During the early stages of mediation, a neutral mediator such as Joseph Self attempts to identify the interpersonal issues that have led to or are contributing to the dispute.  This is particularly helpful in the case of family conflict because complicated family dynamics and past feelings of hurt or disappointment... Read More

Why Should I Use Civil Mediation in Fort Smith AR to Resolve My Contract Dispute?

People enter into contracts every day.  Sometimes these contracts use the same general terms and only substitute out a few to match the current agreement, such as model lease form or a purchase agreement.  When one of the parties does not live up to his or her end of the bargain, the other may decide to pursue a legal action against him or her.  However, civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas continues to provide an effective alternative to litigation.  More and more people are turning to Joseph Self for civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas and surrounding areas due to its advantages over traditional and contentious litigation. When contracting parties become embroiled in a lawsuit, they quickly become enemies.  Any... Read More