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Three Key Differences between Civil Mediation in Fort Smith AR and Litigation

Individuals who are embroiled in litigation can explain the frustrating and often stressful state that this process entails. However, there is another option: civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas. Civil mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas with Joseph Self as the mediator is much different than litigation in three important ways. Direction In large part, attorneys help steer the case in a certain direction in litigation. Your attorney may explain the legal rules and how a judge or jury makes a decision. You may have some options, but pursuing litigation often involves the same formula and procedures. In mediation, the mediator helps guide parties toward an agreement. However, the parties get to decide whether they want to participate in mediation at... Read More

How Does Family Mediation in Fort Smith AR Help in Visitation Cases?

Many cases flood the family court system, so a judge may not be able to give as much time to an individual case to make decisions that would be truly best for the family and the child by extension. Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas with Joseph Self allows the parents to come together in a mutually respectful manner to help make plans pertaining to visitation with the child. Family mediation in Fort Smith Arkansas can help avoid contentious and stressful family law litigation that can only further sever rather than unite a family. Specific Visitation Most courts have a standard visitation schedule. However, this is simply a blanket form that states how parenting time will be divided absent a... Read More