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Why Does Contract Mediation Allow Me to Be More Informed?

While there are many benefits to contract mediation in Fort Smith, many individuals report feeling more informed about the process as well as playing a bigger role in the resolution. This increased information and comfort in the process often has to do with choosing a talented mediator to guide you through it. In your contract mediation case, you can select a mediator who is knowledgeable about common contract issues, and this can help to speed along your case significantly. As a party to the mediation, you have significant power over how the process involved in what your final agreement looks like. Since you can help to structure what the mediation process looks like during your sessions, individuals tend to feel... Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer Present for Family Mediation?

Mediation is quite different from other forms of dispute resolution, which means that you may have many questions before engaging in the process of Fort Smith family mediation. It’s in your best interest to be as educated as possible about mediation so that you can structure it in a manner aiming for success. Mediation is not presided over by a judge instead, a neutral third-party known as the mediator helps guide you through the issues related to your family law conflict. While many people choose simply to work directly with the mediator in the other party involved in the dispute, you can bring an attorney to mediation doing so would make you feel more comfortable. Having an attorney on site... Read More